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We value what our patients have to say and believe it can help you make the right health care choice. Click on the links below to Review a selection of patient testimonials about how Rassel-Daigneault Holistic Health Center has helped them and their families. Please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Neuropathy Reversal Program Testimonials

Regaining Feeling

Nerves are coming alive

Fibromyalgia gone after chiropractic, nutrition

More Energy and Walking with Ease!

relief with nutrition response testing

Dr. Renee’s Story

Family Care

Off Medications

The care I’ve received has been more thorough than anywhere I’ve been before. – William M.

Health Improvements

Walking Without Pain

Sleep Apnea GONE

Having had TWO back surgeries after going through “relief” chiropractic care, I was a little skeptical. After attending the introductory class and getting a better understanding of how “Corrective” chiropractic works, I started to relax. After several months under their care, I can honestly say I wish I had known about this level of care BEFORE I had my surgeries. I have improved so much as far as pain level, flexibility, and posture. If you are on the fence, give it a try, it may be just the thing you need as an alternative to surgery and drugs! -Dion

No More Cane

Avoided Surgery

Pain Relief

I love the compassion your office shows for their patients. I believe everyone coming in there is in some kind of uncomfortable pain, whether it is severe, or very little. I felt that I would finally have someone listen to me and help immediately to get me some pain relief. -Jolene N.

Positive professional staff. Pleasant atmosphere. Good and comfortable results.-Dorothy M.

Karen’s Story

Back Pain Gone

Kids Healthier

I love how I’m treated by the whole staff. Always a smile on everyone’s face. I would highly recommend this office. -Jeanine S.

Dr. Renee is like a smiling ray of sunshine with a measure of healing in her hands. Both Dr. Randy as well as Dr. Renee are very knowledgeable of my condition and are always sharing their wisdom to enlighten me. The atmosphere and staff are helpful and friendly. In life prior to Chiropractic, I was taking muscle relaxers to sleep and function daily. Only months later, I sleep all night without the use of medication. They have given me a regiment of stretches and exercises to release my aches and pain. I am not pain free—however, I feel better and younger than I have felt in years! What an awesome experience in a wholesome environment!! – Maggie

I love that the whole business is spiritually based and they are very friendly and seem to truly want to help people. That’s important. Keep up the great work! – Dion F.

Overall Health Improved

Full of LIFE

Hip Pain Gone

Dr. Randy was just checking my spine on my very first exam when he pressed on an area in the LEFT side of my neck. Unbelievably, the very next day I felt relief in the pain that had been bothering me on the right side of my lower back. I don’t know how it works but I’m very happy we have such dedicated chiropractors to help our bodies heal themselves. – Leanne V.

Dr. Randy was our doctor for years and moved. When he returned I found out he was with your team and wanted his care for myself and my children. He is caring and very good at what he does. I trust he would handle my family like he would his own and that means more to me than I can express. Getting long term solutions is always important. He does not just do a quick fix. He shows us how to take care of ourselves in ways we have no training of. Getting the care of a professional is crucial not just if you have an injury or start to feel pain but for regular maintenance and prevention of injury. I loved our experience at our new chiropractic care facility. Everyone made us feel welcomed and demonstrated their care for us as patients. Thank you. You have an establishment to be proud of! – Marlene B.

Sherri H.

Jordan S.

Melissa S.

Dr. Renee is amazing, I love how she talked to me at my level and truly listened to all my problems. I have never once felt pressured to do other treatments, or do more adjusting than what is needed, I truly feel that your goal is to correct my problem, not just take my money! Your whole staff is so wonderful and make me feel like I’m special and they have been waiting all day just to see me! Especially Rodney he’s the best! An amazing quality that many medical offices fall short on. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and my husband. We are so very thankful for Dr. Renee and your entire staff! – Margaret W.

Very friendly and welcoming staff. – Faith W.

I’m glad I signed up for chiropractic care with Dr. Rassel & Dr. Daigneault. It’s only been 2 weeks and I can already notice a difference in my posture and sleep. But most importantly, I haven’t felt the symptoms of any potential migraines that I’ve suffered from since I was 5 years old. I’m truly grateful. Thanks again. – Anwar S.

Everyone is knowledgeable and very friendly. My family comes for regular visits for superior care and I recommend your office to all my friends. Thank you for all you do! – Debra A.

Heather A.

Keyuawn H.

Greg H.

Love this office. The genuine care expressed by staff is refreshing. Best of all, I love having a doctor who I know prays for his patients and understands the connection of spirit, soul and body. I have long prayed for a doctor who had a relationship with Jesus Christ and now I have one. – Deb H.

Katrina S.

Gina W.

Ella C.

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